App Design

Foodkarma App Development to Fight Food Waste & Save the Planet

Foodkarma wants to save the world, one meal at a time

Developer, Designer, UI/UX
Tools Used:
iOS, Android


Foodkarma is an innovative app that allows users to select the diets and dishes they love to eat and then receive notifications when these dishes become available at a discount. The company encourages restaurants to place their dishes at a steep discount when they have extra food that they would otherwise be unable to sell at full price.

The Process

Several months of research was conducted before Disruption commenced development on the app, including UI/UX experiments and wireframing user stories. The research phase proved to be one of the most critical aspects of the process, because it helped us and the client fully understand the final product before it was a reality. The app was conceptualized, researched, design and developed in-house working closely with the client to ensure every feature was developed as envisioned. A we application was also developed for restaurants to easily login and upload their daily discounted dishes, as well as an admin section for internal management.

The End

Foodkarma app has been completed and is set to launch in Q3 2019. We're excited to see it come alive.


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