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Mass Outreach Campaign for Russell Peters Deported Tour

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Tools Used:
Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Re-targeting


Russel Peters is world-renowned comedian with a strong following in the region. His World Tour was reported to be some of his best work and we were excited to be a part of the show, along with Coca-Cola Arena for their very first event in Dubai. Russell has graced the stages of Dubai in the past, and the crowds he is able to attract are immense. This go around, he was performing at the brand new Coca-Cola Arena, a venue with over 12,000 seats to fill for a show that was to run during the Eid holidays - which posed a welcome challenge for Disruption.

The Process

From the onset, Disruption's strategy was to build up mass awareness within the UAE. Since we were aiming to gain 3 impressions per person in the UAE, we set our KPIs at 9MM reach and 27MM impressions with an average frequency of 3.

Impressions were spread across print media, digital press, online banner advertising, search engine advertising and YouTube advertising. Frequency was achieved by running strategic digital re-targeting campaigns. Those who visited the ticketing website, but did not make a purchase, were re-targeted with additional ads in an attempt to draw them back to the website when the show date neared.

The End

The client, event organizers and the performer reported a fantastic turn-out to the event. Disruption succeeded in meeting KPIs and ticket sale requirements.


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