Digital Advertising

Brand Exposure for SuitSupply Using YouTube Ads - Trailblazers

Explore the use of video as a medium to increase awareness and drive the brand story

Suit Supply
Project Management, Creative Direction, Media Buying
Tools Used:
YouTube Ads


Exploring the use of video as a medium to increase awareness and drive the brand story, Disruption analyzed several targeting variables, like demographics (age, gender, location etc.), interest categories, in-market behaviors, shopping habits etc. in order to refine the target audience to maximize the effect of our ads. We also took advantage of the opportunity to optimize placements; e.g. YouTube channel categories, placement schedules, mobile vs desktop, etc. to ensure our ads showed up in the right places and at the right times to resonate most with Suit Supply customers.

The Process

Working with three unique videos that tell the story of individuals considered "Trailblazers" within their industries in Dubai. The stories emphasize the importance of being unique and not fitting-in to any mold. Disruption prepared a sequence-based video campaign, as it was critical to promote the videos as individual chapters in the same story. For the Trailblazers YouTube Video Ad Campaign to be effective, we required the audience to view all three chapters in sequence. Viewers would watch the first video ad, and only then would we show the second ad; and then the third.

The End

Sequencing videos is highly effective for generating awareness, telling a story and keeping a brand fresh in the minds of its audience. Through this strategy, we witnessed increased engagement and viewership as the story progressed; signaling that customers may have shrugged off the campaign had we only promoted a singular piece of media. Increased engagement is a key metric to determine the level of interest our target audience has in our products and services.


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