Ecommerce Management to Drive Traffic and Conversions for Tweak

Ecommerce Management to Drive Traffic and Conversions for Tweak through automated email marketing and renewed webdesign

PPC Specialist, Ecommerce Specialist
Tools Used:
Google Ads, Dynamic Display Advertising, Email Marketing


Tweak is a local brand that makes the most comfortable women's workout undergarments in the world. Their product receives rave reviews from world-class athletes frequently. The creator of Tweak is a multi-award winning cross-fit champion from Australia, no living in Dubai. Jo bootstrapped Tweak to launch, and when it was time to grow she came to us for help.

The Process

Although Tweak was popular within some very niche communities, they wanted to grow their exposure so that women from all over the world could enjoy a Tweak. Our initial strategy was to audit the website and improve upon the design and UX. Part of the optimization process was visually tracking user sessions to understand shopper behavior, what they showed interest in and what they seemed to dislike. After collecting data from over 100 user sessions, we were able to come up with a definitive strategy for on-site optimization and redesign.

Our secondary strategy revolved around driving more traffic to the site and increasing sales conversions. Driving traffic was done through display and search advertising, as well as social media ads targeted at audiences we knew the products would resonate with. Increasing conversions was done through automated email marketing using "abandoned cart" email reminders, site offer pop-ups and dynamic product ads re-targeted to site visitors.

The End

Tweak benefited from over 100% increase in online sales, as well as thousands of new Facebook and Instagram fans. The end result was an ecommerce strategy that was effective, scaleable and, most importantly, maintainable by the client.


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